St Mary's Batley

Here at St. Mary's we are very keen for children to take their learning outdoors. We are lucky enough to have our very own pond as well as a larger than average field surrounded by trees. We even have our very own story telling area hidden within the trees. If you're lucky you might see one of the St.Mary's fairies that live down there!

Which lesson did you remember the most? The one sat behind a desk? Or the one where you took your learning in your own hands and experienced it for yourself!

We are always looking for new ways to develop our outdoor area so if you have any suggestions please do get in touch with us.


 In literacy some of our children had a mini scavenger hunt in which they were locating new ways and examples of improving their writing. The children then worked together to match the examples and create their own examples. Who said a classroom has to be within four walls?