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Welcome to Class 8!Welcome to Class 8!Welcome to Class 8!Welcome to Class 8!

Welcome to Class 8

We are a year 4 class who have some exciting topics to learn this year. We can't wait to share with you some of our exciting work.

Tuesday 22nd April 2022- Maya Archaeologist Class Visit

 Yesterday class 8 took part in a full day workshop led by Vanessa, an archaeologist who is a specialist in the Maya Civilisation. We had a fantastic day learning about what the Maya wore, how they traded, how they made their food, their houses and their gods. In the afternoon we even got to learn about what they ate by dissecting poo! (Don't worry it wasn't real!) We also handled pieces of pottery which were over 1000 years old. The children were so well behaved and had a great day as you can see in our photos. 

Monday 7th February 200- 13th February- Children's Mental health Week

 Today (Tuesday 8th) we have been practicing different breathing techniques to help us when dealing with strong emotions. We had a go at the bumblebee, balloon,back to back, tummy breathing and many more. We all felt very calm and chilled out after this!

As part of our literacy study of George's Marvelous Medicine (2nd February 2022) we were pretending to be police officers interviewing George about the incident that had happened on Kranky Farm. The children could choose whether they told the truth or tried to cover their own deeds! Can you believe it-not a single one owned up! We had lots of fun and the use of role play in this instance helped us to investigate the 5 W's (Who? Where? When? Why? What?) as well as practicing our speaking and listening skills. Great job everyone!

Today the pupils came dressed in bright colours for a very special non-uniform day. We were raising money for a local 5 year old girl, Beau, who is suffering with a rare and aggressive cancer and needs pioneering treatment in New York. The money raised will go towards getting her there! Class 8 raised a whopping £120.54- how amazing is that! Thank you to everyone that donated. The school total will be announced at the end of the day on the Facebook and Twitter account. Below are some photos of class 8 dressed in their bright colours and a little picture for Beau- Rainbows for Beau!

Please meet our new school Councillors. We had lots of fabulous applications but the class chose these two lovely pupils. I am sure that they will be fantastic representatives of class 8.

On Friday 5th November class 8 created some fireworks pictures using templates to create silhouettes and smudging the colours to represent the smoke and the trails from the fireworks. We thought they looked great- we hope you do too!

In literacy we were thinking about how to create similes and use our senses to create descriptive writing. In order to do this, we created our own bonfire night. We toasted marshmallows, ate hot dogs, drank hot chocolate, listened to fireworks exploding, felt scarves and gloves and tonnes more. We then produced some amazing writing!