St Mary's Catholic Primary Academy

We live, love and learn together with Jesus as our guide.

Staff 2021-2022


Leadership Team  

Acting Headteacher- Mr Glover 

Acting Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Nagy

Key Stage 2  Leader - Mr Peacock

Key Stage 1 Leader - Mrs  Farrar

Foundation Stage Leader - Mrs Worth    

Senco -  Miss Liversidge

School Office Team 

Miss White - School Business Manager

Miss Butler- Business Support Officer

Safeguarding Team

 Safeguarding Lead- Mr Glover

Deputy Safeguarding Lead- Miss Liversidge

Deputy Safeguarding Lead- Miss White

EYFS DSL- Mrs Martin

Class Teachers 

Mrs Worth- Class 1

Mrs Rhodes- Class 1

Mrs Martin - Nursery Officer

Mrs Wilkinson - Nursery Officer

Mrs McCabe - Nursery Officer

Mrs Gregson - Class 2 

Mrs Prendergast - Class 4

Mrs Farrar - Class 5

Mr & Mrs Mcnally - Class 6

Mrs Hosier - Class 7

Mrs Drury - Class 8

Miss Sanaghan  - Class 9 

Mr Peacock - Class 10

Mrs Nagy - Class 11

Coach Nicky - P.E

Mrs Spivey- PPA

Miss Liversidge- PPA

Classroom Assistants 

Mrs Badat - KS2

Mrs Valsadi - KS2

Miss Howard - KS1 

Miss Carter - KS1

Mrs Hetherington - KS2

Mrs Walsh - KS1

Mrs Martin - KS1

Miss Hart - KS2

Mrs Frain - KS2

Miss McDaid KS2

Mrs Wailes - KS2

Mrs Coulbourn - KS1

Mrs Kauser - KS2

Miss Dixon- KS1

Miss Whymer- KS2

Lunchtime Supervisors 

Mrs Hemingway

Mrs Coulbourn

Miss Hart

Mrs Makin

Mrs Badat 

Miss Chapman

Mrs Walsh

Mrs Carter

Site Manager

Mr Sturdy