Class 5

Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely Easter break. We are now into our final term in class 5. This will be a very busy term including taking our secret agent training! We will be working very hard but having lots of fun along the way!


As usual, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any issues.


Mrs Hosier

On Friday 5th July, as part of our Kings, queens and castles topic, classes 4 and 5 went on their trip to see the ruins of Pontefract Castle. We were given an important mission to get the castle ready for the arrival of some royal visitors! We had a great day touring the castle including the underground cellars/dungeons, writing menus with quills and ink, preparing Tudor gingerbread and examining some tudor artefacts. 

As part of our 'Once upon a time' topic, we have learnt about castles, kings, queens and dragons! We discovered some dragon eggs in our woodland area. We cared for them and sent them to a museum before the hatched! Mrs Walsh kindly brought us their family pet - a bearded dragon! We loved looking at it and stroking its scaly skin!

After looking at dragons, we decided to make a dragon eye out of clay. Here are some of our fantastic designs!

CLASS 5 ARE NOW SECRET AGENTS! Here are photographs from our ceremony! Well done! We are so proud of you all!