Sports Premium 2013 - 2015


Amount of Sports Premium funding

Amount received to date

2013 – 2015




Evaluation/ reflection 2013-2015

Identified areas of CPD for teaching staff –

Dance and Gymnastics

Staff to access CPD through North Kirklees SSP St. John Fisher School Games package. This Gold package allows SSCO/PE lead to cascade training to individual school as twilight/INSET sessions 2014-15 £6000

Identified P.E. equipment which required updating

Purchase and Installation of new equipment including climbing frames and apparatus £4500

Investigated costing for interactive Dancemats

Purchase of 16 interactive dancemats and training £5000



Focus for 2014-2015

Key objectives and actions.

Improve access to sports clubs for pupils in key stage 1 and 2

  • Use outside providers to offer different range of sports clubs for pupils

  • Use sports coach to offer clubs to both key stages

Improve confidence of teaching staff in teaching of PE

  • CPD to be used from within SSP

  • Ensure teachers observe sports coaching in school to up skill themselves

  • Ensure all pupils have access to sports coach throughout the academic year

  • Ensure planning evidences differentiation and progression and shared with teaching staff

Improve opportunities for intra and inter competitive sports

  • Sports coach to work with local schools to arrange events

  • After school sports network meeting attended North Kirklees School Sports Partnership



Sports Premium used for?

Amount allocated
to the intervention or action (£)

Brief summary of the intervention or action

Specific intended outcomes: What will it achieve if successful?

How will this activity be monitored, when & why whom?

Actual impact:

What did the activity or action actually achieve?

Access to Sports Coach to teach half a day a week – Bradford Bulls Partnership

To commence Jan 2015

To commence Jan 15

£50 per session x12 = £600


Sports coach to offer one sports club per half term alternating between  KS1 and KS2

Outsourcing of other sports clubs to offer broad range of sports activities at school.


Increased access for pupils to sport after school

Improved participation in after school sports

Improved offer for key stage 1 (historically clubs aimed at KS2)

Improved access for pupils to other sports not usually taught in school.


Attendance at sports club to be recorded and monitored every half term

Curriculum area leader to outsource different sports clubs for the week : Dance Fencing Archery Rugby Karate Gymnastics


Analysis Spring 2015 DHT

CPD booked with St.Fisher School Sports Partnership

Taken from Gold Partnership @SJF Twilight session in staff meetings with CPD for staff : Key Focus Dance and Gymnastics Increased confidence of P.E. teaching for staff. Increased use of equipment in gymnastics leading to better acquisition and implementation of skills by pupils Curriculum lead to baseline staff skills prior to CPD Autumn Term 1 . Spring Term 2 staff audit to assess impact.


Analysis spring 2015 DHT

Purchase and CBD for iDance2 Positive Gaming

£5000 To enhance the teaching of dance across Key Stages. More pupils , more active, more often. Pupils will improve bi-lateral movement, timing and relate scores to relative success. This will enable AFL by pupils for pupils DHT upon delivery and to monitor through session drop ins.


Pupils and Staff trained and idance mats being used weekly as part of P.E. curriculum. More pupils more active for more of sessions. Work rate in dance significantly increased and pupils involvement and attitudes to dance improved. Audit Dec 2014.

Cyber coach on-line Dance and fitness teaching module



To improve warm-up focus before P.E. sessions.

To enable pupils to pupil teaching and talking partners.

Increased activity in modern dance and confidence of staff to deliver dance. DHT on staff discussions Autumn /Spring 2014-15


Active introduction to dance which worked well leading to purchase of idance. We have decided not to re-new contract as idance supersedes cyber-coach.

Access to North Kirklees SSP


Taken from SJF Gold Partnership


Sports Coach Football Association to run football League competition.

SSP to produce diary of events for 2014-15


Increased numbers of pupils participating in organised school events both inter and intra.

Increased range of Sports opportunities for pupils to access.


Curriculum lead to monitor participation in intra and inter school events.

Monitored every half term.


Pupils already involved in cross-country , football and sports hall athletics. Y5/6 young leadership @Batley Business and Enterprize access.