Homework project


Firstly, thank you for the fantastic response to our WW1 homework project. The children created some wonderful posters, booklets and even folders full of research that they had done. As the children enjoyed it so much I have decided to set a new project for our Geography topic- The French Alps. Similar to last time, research can be done on the internet, through books or family. You can display the information in any way that you would like.

Below are questions that I would like you to answer.

  • Where are the French Alps?
  • What things can you do in the French Alps?
  • How are the French Alps similar to where we live?
  • How are the French Alps different to where we live?
  • Can you find anything interesting facts about the French Alps?

As this is a homework project I am giving you three weeks to complete and write up your findings. Your research must be brought back to school by Friday 1st February, ready for our geography lesson on Monday when you will share what you have found. Please don’t hesitate to speak with me if you have any questions or issues with the project.

I hope you enjoy finding out about the topic and I look forward to seeing your projects.

Miss Gannon