Homework project

As part of our World War 1 topic in history, I would like you to complete some research focussing on different parts of the war. You can use the internet, books and even friends and family to create a booklet or notes with information on. If you would prefer to share your information through pictures or a diary that is also fine.

Below are questions that I would like you to answer.

  • Why do we wear a poppy?
  • What was life like in the trenches?
  • What was it like in England during WW1?
  • What was the role of women during the war?
  • Why were animals important? Which animals helped the war effort?

As this is a homework project I am giving you three weeks to complete and write up your findings. Your research must be brought back to school by Friday 12th October, ready for our history lesson on Monday when you will share what you have found. Please don’t hesitate to speak with me if you have any questions or issues with the project.

A very useful website to use is this shares lots of information in short clips.

I hope you enjoy finding out about the topic and I look forward to seeing your projects.

Miss Gannon