Class 4

Happy new year and welcome back.

Class 4 had a very busy Autumn term.  Looking back we have work hard learning about the world around us and further afield.  We enjoyed the story 'Lila and the secret of the rain'  which was set in Kenya.  In our topic work we compared Batley and Kenya.  We looked at different types of homes, how we spend our day and the food we eat.  Malcolm Haigh, a local historian, visited us to tell us about how Batley has changed. It was interesting looking at the photographs of Batley and asking Malcolm questions.  Class 4 loved creating our own Kenyan village which we are very proud of (especially Miss Butler!)   It was great fun learning about a local author - Roger Hargreaves, who wrote the Mr Men and Little Miss books.  We created our own characters using our IT skills.  We have developed our Number skills through recognising what digits represent, partitioning numbers and working with money.  In Science we developed our knowledge of materials and performed an experiment to find out which material was the most waterproof.  We used David Hockney artwork as inspiration for our own work with some great art pieces.

Autumn term ended with a truly amazing Nativity with all Key Stage 1 children participating in. 

Spring term is another busy one. 

This term we are looking at Explorers both modern and historical.  We will be finding out about Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake and their explorations.  We will be planning our own exploration and looking what we need to survive.  We are looking at foods we eat and how they can help us grow strong and healthy.   

In our writing we are trying hard to improve our handwriting and spelling. 

Please help your child through supporting them practise writing words sent home.