Active Week 2015



    Active week is a week dedicated to a sports based curriculum – every class took part in some sort of activity every day, some were even outside for the full day!!


    The activities included: archery, fencing, dance mats, 5-a-side football, rounders, cheerleading, bushcraft, science and football combined, orienteering, fun fitness and athletics.


    Added to this we had sports day too. Our Year 6 children were outstanding during the week – acting as young leaders and teaching athletic skills to younger classes and helping with sports day to make it run really smoothly.

  • A big thank you to parents and grandparents – we had a really big turn out from you which was lovely to see. Thank you for remaining on your side of the field, it really does help with the organisation of the day and to ensure all children are safe. As usual the parents’ race was really competitive and I’m not sure if some skulduggery took place – those bats and balls were so well controlled!! 

  • Active-week-2015-176(b)

  • Active-week-Class-3-2015-003(b)

  • Active-week-Class-3-2015-031(b)

  • We are currently reviewing active week with the children to see which activities were really well liked and if any need changing next year. If you would like to comment on sports day we would value your opinions/views – please email us your thoughts.